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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 16, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EST

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disney's magic kingdom. they are adding journey of the little mermaid and to be our guest that's going to be a new restaurant. you can take the twins here in a couple years. >> i can't wait. >> the largest expansion for the magic kingdom in 41 years. and the fantasy land officially opened on december 6th. pretty good chance they will have some nice size crowds. >> and i will use my vacation days can you believe most people don't use their vacation days. >> i can't believe that i have none. >> yours is empty. >> exactly. i can't wait until the new year. let's talk about what's going on in terms of winds. they are light this morning. they are to the northwest at about 5 miles oop hour. but with that -- an hour. but with that as you head to the bus stop there's a wind chill. temperatures coming in at 36 degrees. feeling like 31, 32. and make sure to bundle up the kids as they head out and about. it's going to be cold and as we go through the day, they come home from school, still on the chilly side and cool side and temperatures coming in right around 51 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are traveling 695, there's nothing to get in your way. it will be nice and clear as you travel the inner loop towards 95. and that outer loop is going to take you 11 minutes right now from 95 up to 8 3. if you are headed out to the west side of the beltway we are dealing with the long-term construction at wilkins avenue. the new enterchange bridge reopened and it did last week so expect that as new traffic pattern and no delays. 11 minutes right now to travel that outer loop from 795 down to 95. and if you using 95, no problems getting to bwi airport this morning. and the northeast corridor going to be in great shape. you are looking at a quick 4- minute trip to travel southbound from white marsh down to the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. she is living proof of what happens when people drive drunk. >> why this little girl is showing no grudge. the letter she sent to the man behind the wheel. and there was a lot of yelling on capitol hill.
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what lawmakers were so ticked off about. we have details straight ahead.
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soon you can eat a pack of caffeinated cracker jacks for your pickup. later frito-lay will unveil cracker jacked and it comes in two flanes and contains the same a a cup of coffee. consumer advocacy group is worried it violates federal food rules. it fromo-lay says it's -- frito- lay says it's safe and they are adding coffee to the ingredients. cracker jacked is expected to hit shelves next year and will be marketed towards adults not children. they are known for lattes and mochas and now they are getting into the tea business. they are buying tevana holdings for 620 million. they own tazo brand and those
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teas that they sell in stores and other retailer. tevana operates 300 mall based stores. sandy had one town dispatch system work overtime. >> hear the 911 calls when they were trapped in the height of the storm. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the station that work for you. now, good morning maryland. he is retired but that didn't stop a state trooper from upholding the law. we hear from the man who stopped a armed robbery. >> the testimony congressman been -- has been waiting to hear. general david petraeus will answer questions about the libyan attack. >> the second year is as prophettable as the first we have new numbers on the success of the grand prix and we will bring it to you on this friday november 16th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. not only friday, but it's also
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charley crawson he's birth day so -- birthday so get on fart. facebook and tell him happy birthday. >> you did it again. >> all morning long. >> you going to dance again. >> you want one. >> go ahead. >> happy birthday charles. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what's going on because we have wet weather across the area to the south of us this morning. so if you are going around calvert county, you are seeing that across the area. i am going try to zoom into the area and being see the place that is are really being affected by the light showers this morning. not heavy rain but light showers around chesapeake beach and brighton wood and princefrederick and anne arundel county getting in on light rain showers. heavier rain or moderate rain is around dorchester county around church creek this morning and also riggins corn and robins and airy. so be prepared for that. but as it creeps further to the north, things should die down especially through the
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remainder of the morning. we should stay dry. we will be cold everywhere. coming in 33 degrees in union bridge this morning, and we are looking at annapolis at 40 and last stop on the temperatureroller coaster at 35 in ellicott city and this what to expect heading through the day. by lunchtime temperatures coming in at 49 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's frost on my windshield and not liking this cold weather at all. if you using 95 to get downtown, there are no delays right now at 395. it will remain clear as you travel through the fort mchenry tunnel harbor tunnel going to be clear. and for those of you ewing 83 this morning, the -- using 83, the jfx normal conditions. it will take 11 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. keep in mind falls road will be shut down between lafayette and clipper mill road due to some storm cleanup. so stick with 83. it's not going to be reopen until 3 p.m. on sunday. looking at the abc2 timesaver
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traffic drive times no concerns on the beltway. looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and the west side is 695 going to be in great shape as well. you are looking at an 11 minute ride to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charley over to you. three minutes after 5. and this morning a maryland state trooper is called a hero after his quick thinking saved lives. it was about self-preservation but you couldn't tell that to the people that he saved and sherrie johnson is here with what happened. i know this guy doesn't want to be called a hero but you can't tell that to the people he helped. >> reporter: exactly right. he retired from the maryland state police department july 1st when he ended up in the wrong place at the right time, he proved he is still willing to protect and serve. on friday the retired maryland state trooper went into action and was unarmed when he walked into the middle of a robbery at his neighborhood convenience store just after 10 a.m. appelby didn't know the owner of the chrome dare and deli told the robber she had more
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cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for police to arrive. 13 of his 28 years on job he spent on the special tactical assault team and he had a plan. once he was in the back along with the cashier another customer and the robber, he made his move. >> i wanted somebody to be on the right side of the door and us on the left so when the robber came in he had to divert his attention. he came in looked at the other guy and me and looked over to see where lata was and when he did his pistol was out and i took it. >> reporter: the suspect got away with a little cash and they all got out safely. no word yet on whether police have captured the suspect. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. keeping us from driving off headfirst to the fiscal cliff is the agenda for the president and congressional leaders. the president will meet with leaders from local groups to get their input. the president wants any deficit reduction plan to include tax increases on the wealthy. those make more than 250,000 dollars a year.
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now republicans say they will accept the new tax revenue but not higher tax rates. if no deal is reached by the end of the calendar year they will be an automatic tax increase and deep spending cuts that could affect your pay cut. hearings about the attacks and u.s. consulate in libya continue. yesterday, maryland congressman talked to the media after the hearing. >> once the members were able to see the timeline and things that occurred in the end, i think the assessment is the same that -- you had a group of extremist who took advantage of a situation and unfortunately we lost four american lives. i think though as it relates to the extremists they were representatives from al-qaeda and other groups. >> former cia director david petraeus will testify today. we are learning moth about the economic -- more about the economic impact of the baltimore grand prix. nearly 30,000 fewer people attended this year that translated to lower spending.
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24.9 million in direct spending came from the grand prix crowd this year. that is close to 3 million dollars less than the year before. a health warning from the baltimore county school district. a 5th grade teacher might have whooping cough. this teacher works at harford hills elementary school which is in carney and turns out they went to the hospital on monday. a letter he was sent home to parents telling them to keep an eye out for symptoms. the diagnosis is not confirmed however, there are no other cases being reported and they just want be precautious. it's getting colder and that means time to think about winter and winter weather. look at this. now many of us are hoping for a mild winter like last year's. but some are forecasting lynette charles that old man winter will bring us a punch this year. so today the mayor is going to talk about preparations for the snow season with representatives from the snow team and i guess when you think about it, they are going to
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plan early. >> exactly. >> and maybe they will be wrong. >> a plan you want to plan early get your preparations and you saw what bge did with the planning of sandy. i like that. as we look at what's going on, satellite and radar, picking up on cloud cover again this morning. but, also picking up on some showers mainly in southern maryland and you can see all them stretching back off the coast of the carolinas and also virginia coast as well. but what's going on is we are seeing a disturbance across the area this morning and with that, we could be seeing a couple sprinkles even move in a little further to the north as we go through the morning. but all this will begin to die down going throughout the day. so be prepared for some chilly temperatures and clouds and also some sun mixing in as we go mainly through the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so far so good out of 95. there's absolutely nothing to get in your way at 395. and it will remain clear as you travel through the fort mchenry tunnel. using the jfx, no problems to report. but do watch out for road
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closures in baltimore city. we are dealing with some debris cleanup that shut downfalls road between lafayette and clipper mill road. it won't actually reopen until 3 p.m. on sunday. and north charles street remains shut down between north avenue and 21st street all due to last week's massive water main break. no word on when it will be fixed. but it probably will take sometime. use calvert or 83 instead. now over to you. they were told they didn't have to evacuate and they stayed in the home. >> but as sandy hit the water began to rise and 911 center was flooded with calls. we will hear from terrified neighbors. >> reporter: kids this season -- tis the sea heson for hot chocolate and and pretty holiday lights. a sneak peek is all that's planned for you and your family this weekend. details up next. ♪
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long island some or most have power back on. on a regular day in toms river new jersey police dispatchers handle 250 calls for service. >> but sandy made landfall in the first 24 hours, that number shot up to 1300 calls. they were looking for help from frantic residents. those were the calls they got they got calls from people surrounded by water in their homes or cars. for the next 16 hours, 9 dispatchers didn't move from their phones. most of the calls were coming in from areas that weren't undermandatory evacuation. >> do i leave or do i go in the attic ori can't leave -- i am sorry. >> i understand you are excited just calm down and listen. are you there by yourself. >> yes. >> okay. grab extra warm clothes okay go up to the second story. or the attic whatever you have and hang out up there. >> that must have been so scary for people.
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for all the river police say they made 400 rescues and that was not even one fatality involved in that. so certainly that's something to celebrate but you hear the panic in people's voices. >> absolutely. >> i foal bad for them. >> this was not a mappedtory zone so the impact of the -- mandatory zone so the impact you couldn't measure or guess. >> every time i see that new jersey and new york it brings me back to the fact we were just 100 miles away from the devastation that they saw. so, count our blessings as we go through today. let's check out the temperatures this morning. it's cold once again. still more of the same like yesterday. except we are seeing a few more showers and i will show you that in a second. bundle up as you head out. manchester's temperature at 35 degrees. middletown at 34 good morning to you. and 33 degrees in bel air. northeast at 36 galena at 38 and 39 in goldsboro. federalsburg and march della springs at 40 degrees. satellite a radar picking up on
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showers along the coast here, this is sliding up to the north and around maryland in southern maryland. yes, we are getting showers and talking about in calvert county and dorchester county this morning. this will slide to the north as we go throughout the day anne arundel county is getting in on it around deal but this will fizzle out as we go into the late morning hours into the afternoon. and also we will get a little sun shine in here as well. because we do have high pressure trying to do its thing. but you know wheals we are working with, we will see another system trying -- know what else we are dealing with, we will see another system trying to go up the coast. a dry weekend on tap for us. this is what we can plan our day to. as you wake up, 7:00 still cold. temperatures at 36 degrees. and as we go into 10, we are talking about 45. and 4 the and 51 degrees -- 49 and 51 degrees are the highs for today. the sun-cloud mix and going through time, wednesday, thursday, we are talking about temperatures back to average.
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let's check the amount bc2 timesaver -- abc2 timesaver traffic with lynette roy love the turkey graphic it's adorable and moves right along. so cute. traveling on 83 no problems to report in hunt valley. it's nice and clear from shawan counsel to the -- down to the beltway and remains that way on the jfxa road closure falls road from lafayette to clipper mill. they are picking up debris in the area and it won't reopen until 3 p.m. on sunday. so you want to stick with the jfx. here's what 695 looks like at liberty road. no problems to report. traffic moving right along just 11 minutes right now on the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in downtown baltimore. >> it's a water front life kick off festivities with the light show where we find linda so with the preview. this is not competition for 34th street and ham don is it -- hamden is it?
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>> reporter: no but you will want to look at this because this is actually a sneak peek not supposed to start until tomorrow. but they turned on this light show just for us. and let me tell you, it's unique and beautiful and spectacular. it reminds you of what goes on at disney world with cinderella's castle and the brain child behind it baltimore based company joe with image engineering thanks for joining us this morning. so, you are telling me a lot of time a lot of effort goes into this. it was so popular last year you guys brought it back. >> that's right. it -- we had over 40,000 people come out and see the show over the 6-week run and people really enjoyed coming out to see the show. so the greater baltimore community was able to again go out and garner sponsorship to bring it back a second year. >> reporter: tell me about it. how do you make something like this happen? this is projected onto three buildings here facade. it's really cool. >> yeah a couple mediums. we are large format video projection and high powered laser graphic.
5:17 am
it took creative people weeks and weeks of work on this to build this. choreograph it and put it together. >> reporter: people excited to see this again, tell us it starts tomorrow and when can people catch it. >> so it starts tomorrow the debut show is tomorrow with the long shore water front light but every friday and saturday through crease on december 13th it will pick up on thursday nights and then the day after christmas through new years every night. >> reporter: and just so people out there know, it's unique. we are talking about this. you do shows for the ravens too right. >> right. image engineering does the introduction show and tunnel entrance and the smoke and fire and all that stuff. so we have a lot of fun designing the creative visual effects for our clients. >> reporter: you guys have done a great job. we are proud to have companies like this based in baltimore. they do the kinds of shows all over the country. but, again, the show kicks off tomorrow. you can catch it. also a lot of other family fun activities going on for the water front life. tomorrow at the promenade there's going to be a parade
5:18 am
and santa is coming to town. also, in harbor east the restaurants and shops there have started to decorate their businesses so a lot to do around town. walking around through downtown if you are looking for something to do with your family. again, the fun starts here with the beautiful light show and this kicks off tomorrow sneak peek for us todaych live in downtown baltimore linda so abc2 news. when john mccain says no comment the senator means it. >> a heated exchange between the senator and producer. we will bring you the question that got the one time presidential candidate so upset. what are you doing there?
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three people are dead after hundreds of rockets were launched into israel by the palestinian militants along the gaza strip. israel said 220 rockets struck the jewish state and another 130 were intercepted by antimissile shields. three rockets targeted the tel aviv area and fighting is the heaviest in four years. it came after israel launched a ferocious air assault wednesday to stop repeated rocket fire coming from gaza. the cia is opening an investigation into the general conduct of the former director. cia officials say they review
5:22 am
performance and caution there's no particular outcome that they are looking for. leading the investigation is the cia inspector general's office. today general petraeus goes before congressional committee members for testimony on the attack at the mission in benghazi libya. tempers are flaring over the investigation john mccain can be heard recording lashing out this happened at cnn producer who was questioned why he missed a key hearing on the attack on wednesday. >> i am not no more comment. i am not going to comment on how i spend my time. >> is there. >> i will not no further commit. >> is there a legitimate. >> i have no further comment. how many times do i have to comment. >> why can't i. >> because as a senator i have no senator and who are the hell are you to it will me if i can or not. >> at time of the briefing mccain was holding a news conference to call for
5:23 am
committee to be created to investigate the attack. mccain spokesman blamed the missed meet og and scheduling error he was at yesterday's hearing instead. news time 5:23. the occupy movement is dead and gone but an offshoot group want to help you out. >> they call it the bailout of the 99% by the 99%. how a group is giving people who have incurred a pile of debt a surprise after the lifetime. >> black friday and cyber monday but there's a new push to give you your money to put it to good cause. we have the details of what's now being hailed giving tuesday. >> and maryland's most powerful radar picking up on showers right now. i will tell you how long these hang around after the break. >> reporter: well, traffic is moving right along here on 695 at liberty road. but we are dealing with a crash on 83. i will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland. ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪
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of debt. an offshoot of the occupy movement called strike debt a goal of anonymously buying up other people's debt. the website says they have raised about 270,000 dollars and they need more money. people incurred the debt get a surprise leter with good news. the debt is gone. you want to check it out for yourself. go to rolling >> that wouldn't be a bad phone call. after thanksgiving it's all about the deals. it's black friday and cyber monday but have you heard of giving tuesday? there's a new push by hundreds of charitable organizations to get people to donate even. either their time or money on the tuesday after thanks giving. and the event is relying onsocial media to get the word out and they are using the hash tag giving tuesday something to keep in mind. a day to celebrate veterans turning into chaotic scene. more coming up in a bit. after what happened when four people were killed after a train ran into the back of a truck. we will show you all this and also her life was changed in an
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instant. when a 9-year-old girl had to say to the man found responsible for putting her life in the wheelchair. this is a story you don't want to miss from good -- when good morning maryland continues. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, a huge settlement for the bull of oil spill. bp is pleading guilty to charges in connection with that disaster 2 1/2 years ago and will pay a record 4 1/2 billion dollars. bp still faces billions of dollars in additional claims from civil lawsuits. and this could be the twilight for twinkies. hostess brands gave the workers until yesterday afternoon to come back to work or else and the baker will announce this morning whether it will shut down for good. mortgage rates hit another low. average rate on the 30-year loan is 3 1/3% and that's the lowest in more than 40 years. 15 year loans are now at 2.65 and that's also a record. and action figures and a 700- year-old game are the newest members of the toy hall of fame
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the phenomenal popularity of the toy 30 years ago inspired movie and tv tie-in. and that's america's money i am rob nelson.


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